Dibel Beauté

Dibel Beauté

Nourishing Face Cream
Silky texture facial cream that deeply nourishes and hydrates facial skin. Cutting-edge formula that integrates: Liposomal Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Oligopeptides, Vitamin E Ester, Silica Microspheres, Globularia Alypum Extract, β-Carotene and Silanol, Jojoba Oil, Babassu Oil and Shea Butter.

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Beauté Nourishing Facial Cream, Dibel's elegant formula with an emollient texture that deeply nourishes and hydrates all skin types, thanks to its silky texture that leaves a soft sensation and its enriched formula made up of carefully selected active ingredients.

This cream contains active ingredients to help the skin provide deep hydration and achieve a silky effect with antioxidant power, providing softness, elasticity and firmness.

Its formula is complemented with Liposomal Vitamin C, an active ingredient with a high penetrating power, used to control blemishes and hyperpigmentation on the face that helps renew the appearance of the skin.

Beauté Nourishing Facial Cream includes in its formulation Hyaluronic Acid, a component that provides a moisturizing sensation that results in firmer skin and highly reinforced skin structure.
Contains Oligopeptides, active that works as a strong auxiliary for healthier skin, thanks to the combination of peptides that help preserve the extracellular matrix of the epidermis. In order to improve the appearance of the face, its formulation includes Vitamin E Ester, an excellent lubricant and anti-inflammatory that reacts against radicals and has an auxiliary protective effect on degenerative tissue damage thanks to its moisturizing properties.

This highly emollient moisturizing cream contains Globularia Alypum Extract, an active ingredient known for calming the skin, as well as slowing down skin aging.

Beauté Nourishing Facial Cream includes Shea Butter in its formulation, as it is an active ingredient with a proven ability to hydrate thanks to its high level of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as being a natural cell regenerator with incredible softening properties.

In order to regulate moisture and provide emollient properties to the skin, Beauté Nourishing Facial Cream complements its formula with Babassu and Jojoba Natural Oils, which provide facial skin with excellent moisturizing, emolliency and softness, in addition to balancing production. of fat.

Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Normal skin, Combination skin.

• Liposomal Vitamin C 5% : (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) Helps control spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Induces the synthesis of collagen.
• High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid 3% : Creates a thin, light and permeable protective film on the skin's surface, which helps to hydrate and provide softness and elasticity.
• Oligopeptides : Combination of peptides that will help to reconstitute the extracellular matrix, also favoring the synthesis of Collagen I and IV, which translates into a visible decrease in the depth of wrinkles.
• Vitamin E Ester 3% : Biofunctional form of vitamin E. Antioxidant action, protects tissues from the harmful effects of environmental toxins and consequent damage to normal metabolic processes. With anti-erythema, anti-inflammatory action and excellent lubrication.
• Globularia alypum extract: Extract that helps soothe damaged skin and delay skin aging, serving as a support to reduce discomfort and the reaction of sensitive skin.
• B-Carotene and silanol : Anti-aging effect. These nanovectors allow active ingredients to be transported, so that they enhance, improve and facilitate their penetration through the stratum corneum.
• Jojoba Oil : It is made up mainly of ceramides, it acts as a moisture regulator and balancer in the production of fat.
• Babassu Oil: Oil that contains a high triglyceride index (lauric, myristic and oleic), an excellent emollient.
• Shea Butter < 2% : Powerful moisturizer rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it is a natural cell regenerator with great softening and restructuring properties.

Supplement with SunVeil sunscreen.

On a clean face, apply Dibel Beauté Facial Cream, smoothly and evenly, forming small circles with your fingertips until the product completely fades. Avoid contact with the eyes. Its use is recommended day and night.

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Definitivamente esperaba máaaas de este producto, he terminado dejando de usarla pues me ha deshidratado mucho inclusive note que se me despellajaba entre las cejas al costado de nariz y boca , la verdad para el costo debí tener mejor resultado y ni hablar de firmeza porque esto para nada que se vio cambio alguno

Hola María. Lamentamos escuchar esto. Por los signos puntuales que describes, te recomendamos amablemente consultar con tu dermatólogo, ya que el presentar “despellejamiento entre cejas, costado de nariz y boca” son signos comunes en distintos padecimientos dermatológicos y se pueden acentuar en estas épocas de otoño/invierno o con algunos productos cosméticos. Te hemos enviado un mensaje privado para darle seguimiento a tu caso. Puedes estar tranquila que de parte de RÊVE Dermatologique nuestros productos cuentan con pruebas de irritabilidad.