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Programa de recompensas | Rêve Dermatologique

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Programa de recompensas | Rêve Dermatologique

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Programa de recompensas | Rêve Dermatologique

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Programa de recompensas | Rêve Dermatologique

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Programa de recompensas | Rêve Dermatologique

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Programa de recompensas | Rêve Dermatologique

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Cómo unirte al programa de recompensas

 ✔ Create an account.

 ✔ Sign in to be part of the rewards program.

 ✔ ¡You are good to go, earn points as you purchase!

Cómo canjear tus puntos

 ✔ 10 points = $1 peso. You will have to earn al least 4000 points to redeem your points, or you can gather more points if you wish so.

 ✔ It is very easy to redeem your discount code: When your cart is ready, type in your self-generated discount code and click Postulate.

 ✔ You will be able to redeem your discount code as soon as you get to this amount.

 ✔ You can redeem at once just 20000 points.

How to refer a friend and earn points

 ✔ Members of the rewards program can log in the rewards section y share the self-generated link to their chosen friend.

 ✔ You can refer friends who are not yet part of the rewards program, and who have not made a purchase. The minimum amount for referal codes is $700.00 MXN


✔ If you sing-in for the Rewards Program, you agree to this Agreement.

✔ Discount codes, points, coupons, cannot be combined in one purchase.

✔ You cannot exchange your points for cash.

✔ You begin to earn points when you sign-in the rewards program.

 ✔ RÊVE Dermatologique reserves the right to modify the percentage of the assignation of points, as well to determine which products are participants.

 ✔ RÊVE Dermatologique reserves the right to discontinue providing you with Rewards if you use your points in an abusive manner. We reserve the right to cancel this Rewards program at any time.