Capilarium Shampoo

Capilarium Shampoo

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Capilarium Shampoo formula blends international cutting-edge ingredients carefully selected, such as herbal extract complex, bamboo extract, hydrolyzed keratin, and panthenol. This blend of ingredients is ideal to provide strength and resistance to weak hair, helping to prevent premature hair loss. Of pleasant scent and texture, Capilarium Shampoo makes styling easier and contributes to show a hair full of vitality.
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Capilarium Shampoo is the ideal complement to strengthen hair care routine, and it is the ideal choice to nurture and strengthen hair follicle that prevents premature hair loss, due to several causes.

Its formula includes Herbal Complex, a composition of ingredients known and used in the area of follicular care thanks to its effective properties that help with keratin biosynthesis, regulate sebaceous glands, activate cellular metabolism, and stimulate peripheric circulation. This complex helps to prevent hair loss and to restore hair bulb.

It also contains Bamboo Extract, an active with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties. Due to its flavonoids content, it has an antioxidant activity that helps hair´s integrity against oxidative processes. 

With the purpose of hair restructuring, its formula includes Hydrolyzed Keratin, a protein that helps to moisturize and condition hair fiber, giving as a result a softer sensation.

The presence of Panthenol in this formula provides several benefits thanks to the moisturizing properties it has, which help to increase moist retention.

All types of hair

Herbal Complex: Vegetable complex with a composition that includes substances that help with keratin (amino acids) biosynthesis. This complex helps to prevent hair loss and to restore hair bulb. 

Bamboo extract: It helps to stimulate circulation in general due to its venotonic and vessel protective properties, as they reduce hair permeability and increase its resistance.

Panthenol: provides elasticity and shine, and prevents dryness.

Hydrolyzed Keratin: A protein that helps to restructure hair.

For best results, use also Capilarium Caps

Apply on wet hair and scalp, massage gently, let it work for 3 to 7 minutes and rinse. Recommended for daily use. Due to its natural extracts content, product´s color may vary.

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Paula Zamora Alvarez
Excelente producto para el tratamiento de la caída del cabello

Es una opción eficaz para el tratamiento complementario de la caída de cabello