Bruise Heal

Bruise Heal

Facial and body cream that mitigates skin disorders
With a creamy and soft texture, Bruise Heal provides the skin of the face and body with deep moisturizing, emollience and a pleasant silky sensation thanks to the fusion of its main ingredients. This formula combines the ability of Vitamin K to restore the good condition of the skin together with the decongestant action of Arnica montana Extract. To include the antioxidant function, it has Vitamin E. For greater emolliency, the formula contains Olive Oil and Babassu, giving the skin a pleasant sensation.

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Bruise Heal, the mitigating cream for skin disorders that provides a powerful moisturizing and emollient action on skin that needs a pleasant comforting and refreshing sensation to accelerate the recovery of damaged skin that has undergone surgical procedures and bruises, providing relief from symptoms such as itching, dryness and inflammation.

It has Lipo-Vitamin K, an active ingredient with a proven ability to intervene in reducing the severity of the appearance of broken capillaries after going through small blows or surgical procedures, reducing pain and inflammation. Its liposomal action helps to penetrate the layers of the skin more easily. Its formula is enriched with Arnica montana Extract, a component that helps relieve inflammation when suffering bruises. This extract is ideal to mitigate the pain that occurs. 

It also contains Vitamin E, an active ingredient that helps improve the appearance of skin that reacts to oxygen free radicals, as well as having an auxiliary protective effect on degenerative tissue damage thanks to its antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

In order to provide emollience and hydration, Bruise Heal includes Olive Oil in its formulation, an active ingredient that helps restore the skin's natural moisture levels. To reinforce this activity, it is combined with Babassu Oil, a component rich in fatty acids with emollient properties that balances fat production.

All skin types.

Arnica montana : It is recommended as an anti-inflammatory for external application in blows, bruises and bruises.
• Lipo Vitamin K 5% : Intervenes in improving the appearance of broken capillaries, erythema and bruises, as well as telangiectasias and bruises. Vitamin K is supplied in a liposome vehicle that gives it greater stability and penetration into the skin.
• Vitamin E: Extraordinary antioxidant.
• Olive Oil : Excellent emollient that protects and hydrates, restoring the skin's natural moisture levels.
• Babassu Oil: Oil that contains a high triglyceride index (lauric, myristic and oleic), an excellent emollient.

Place as often as necessary.

Apply to clean skin with a light massage until the product fades.
Precautions : For topical use only. Do not apply on open wounds.

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