Balance of the skin microbiota for healthy skin

Equilibrio de la microbiota cutánea para una piel sana

The proper balance of the skin microbiota is key to healthy skin.

The skin is home to millions of good and bad microorganisms, which form a layer called the skin microbiota . This is the first line of protection and defense against disease, redness, inflammation and infection. It is important to remember that the balance of good and bad microorganisms will dictate that we have healthy skin.

There are certain factors such as environmental pollution, antibiotics, excessive cleaning, an unhealthy diet, among others, which can cause an alteration in the skin microbiota and therefore generate problems in our skin.

Let's remember that one way to keep our skin microbiota healthy is to use skin care products that include postbiotics in their formulation.

Postbiotics are substances derived from probiotics, which help maintain the balance of the microorganisms present on our skin.

The DIBEL Lumi ère formulation contains marine postbiotics from Alteromona, a planktonic microorganism, which helps keep our skin's water reserves healthy, giving respite to dehydrated skin.

The sophisticated formula of DIBEL Lumi ère Facial Cream combines 11 international cutting-edge active ingredients seeking to meet the most predominant needs of mature skin, very dry or weakened by environmental aggression, helping to restore hydration, vitality, luminosity and tone to the skin. face.

The new Lumière facial cream is characterized by its soft, delicate texture and by providing high emollience, without leaving a greasy sensation. It is ideal to apply both day and night.

Dibel Lumière