Skin care at the gym

Cuidado de la piel en el gimnasio

Exercising and taking care of our skin are two extremely important activities to maintain a healthy complexion.

However, the gym is a place where a large amount of harmful bacteria can accumulate on the skin of our body and face, which can be affected by simply touching it after using dumbbells or machines without having previously been cleaned and sanitized.  

So that you can enjoy your training to the fullest and have no worries about the health of your skin, we leave you a simple guide that will allow you to maintain a healthy complexion.  

Before training:  

  • Regardless of whether you train in the morning, afternoon or evening, clean your face with micellar water, we recommend using Neudermic BIOAQUA Hydrating Cleanser ; If you train in the morning, this product will help you eliminate impurities on the skin and if you train in the afternoon or evening, it will remove the makeup you used during the day, allowing the skin to breathe.  

During the training:  

  • Put your hair up.  
  • Avoid touching your face, remember that you are in contact with objects that many people use.  
  • Use a clean towel to remove sweat.  

After training:  

  • Prevent sweat from drying on your skin and take a shower with warm water.  
  • Continue with your AM or PM skin care routine.  


Also, we want to share some tips that will be useful during your training:  

  • Apply antibacterial spray before and after using gym equipment or dumbbells.  
  • Use a clean towel, we recommend having at least 3 to use during the week. Avoid leaving it on machines or the floor.  
  • Maintain good hydration, this will help your skin look healthy.  
  • As much as possible, if you need accessories such as anklets, pads, wristbands, among others, choose to have your own.  

Ready! It's time to enjoy your training 100%.